I have been working to a plan. Not just the usual training plan that tells you when you run and when you rest, but a plan that gets me all the way to the finish line. I have my race shoes tested on long runs and boxed away. I have my race socks worn for one long run and now in the same box. I have collected all my race day nutrition ready to go. I booked a few days holiday before the race
and one for the Monday after. You get the idea……

Work has been getting steadily busier recently, but I have still been able to juggle all my training. But last week it became apparent that using an imminent marathon as my reason to skip an important business trip to Boston (MA) would likely be considered a career limiting strategy. Thus, I find myself tapering and carb-loading in this fantastic city. On the plus side, I don’t have any
milestone runs to squeeze in, but this morning I headed out and loosened my economy-class legs for 5km. The streets seemed reasonably runner-friendly and for a few foolish moments I started thinking about Boston Qualifying, but only for moments.

 As a result of this diversion to the plan, the legs that should have been gently rested only a few miles from the start line at Edinburgh have now spent almost 12 hours travelling a few thousand miles to Boston. I have not been on my feet, that’s true, but I will need to focus hard on recovery when I return on Wednesday morning. Fortunately, the US does not make it especially hard to
carb-load. Avoiding junk calories may me more of a challenge.

6 days to go!


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