As I have indicated many times before, I am a little on the organised side. Over the last few weeks I have been slowly stock-piling all my marathon kit. With the big event fast approaching, it was obviously time for a stock-take. Surprisingly, the essentials for me are a lot more than most non-runners might have expected. The list of items for Sunday includes the following:

  • Gels x 3 (I am planning on consuming one around 10k, 20k and 30k)
  • Caffeine jelly beans
  • Energy gums (my last gasp effort to fuel through to the end)
  • Gel utility belt
  • My lucky red long-sleeved racing shirt (I don’t like the cold and almost never
    race with exposed arms, however……
  • My back-up short-sleeved shirt (my lucky shirt is very likely not going to be
    appropriate in the unseasonal weather we currently have)
  • Viper energy bar (my regular pre-race top-up)
  • Race number & pins
  • The cherished shoes (with foot pod) and sock combo (please, please work well and
    protect my poor feet)
  • Shorts (tried and test and most unlikely to chafe)
  • Suunto wrist-top computer
  • Suunto heart-rate monitor

In addition, my pre-race preparation will include three beetroot stamina shots (two for Saturday night, one for the morning of the race). I have absolutely no idea if any of these really make any material difference to my running, except perhaps the shoes. I have now used most of the above as part of my earlier race preparation so are tried and tested. The socks and shoe combo are almost new but have previously been on one long run together to best ensure a blister-free experience.

I also have my charity running vest, but I am pretty much convinced that this not going to be part of the event as I look to minimise the amount of clothing I wear in the heat.

Less than 2 days to go!!!


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