Reaching boiling point

On May 26, 2012, in Marathon, road running, running, by Alf

As I write it is now only 17 hours until the gun/hooter sounds to announce the start of my one and only (I promise) marathon in Edinburgh. I have done the training and physically I feel in good shape. Not as good as I would be if I had been getting some real running done in the last week, but that’s just the taper talking. I am storing energy and saving muscles. Surely, I am. If I feel so good physically and know I am prepared, how do you explain my current level of unease?

I normally take a reasonable dose of caffeine pre-race and this usually has me wide-eyed and focussed for the event. I intend to follow my normal routine tomorrow, but I am climbing the walls today and cannot imagine how I am going to be tomorrow morning.

I have been training for months and months. Much more than the formal structured 18 week plan in fact. I have been very lucky with the weather throughout this time. It has been cool, sometimes even cold and I have only had to contend with wind on a few occasions. I have never had any real heat. When I did Grangemouth 10k it got a little warm, but nothing like what we have this week. I don’t know quite how much it will affect me over 26.2 miles, but I fear it will hit my speed hard. That’s me got my excuses in early. The forecast is for 20 deg C around the start of the race tomorrow. With a decent sea breeze this might just be manageable, but there is no escaping the fact that this is one huge factor that I am not prepared for.

The next post will provide my perspective of the race. I wish all runners at Edinburgh Marathon Festival a happy and successful weekend and hope you all have a great time. Try to smile for the cameras and run well.

Less than one day to go.



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