My First Marathon – Edinburgh 2012

On September 3, 2011, in Marathon, racing, running, by Alf

My big running goals know no bounds.  I have never done a marathon and always thought that the distance was too far for me.  I still do.  Despite that, I have just taken the plunge and entered the Edinburgh Marathon in May 2012.

Despite the advancing years I am hitting PBs in my 10k races, but more I importantly I am really enjoying my training.  It struck me that with my enthusiasm for even the harder aspects of my training there was an opportunity to be exploited.

I have also decided that I want to do a marathon and push myself to new limits.  I am under no illusions and know it is going to be tough. My training has reached the point where I look forward to every session and relish pushing the boundaries further and further.  It seems natural that I should make the next goal a highly significant one while my physical and mental state is robust.  Strangely, I find that right now I want the challenge of the training more than the race itself.  I am really looking forward to working through the plan for the next 9 months.

One of the main factors is my desire to deliver a time I am satisfied with.  My mentality will not allow me to be happy with just saying “I did a marathon”.  Sub 3hr 30min is my current goal.  I’m hoping that I am thinking in more aggressive terms in a couple of months, but I need to get my body used to racing further than 10k before I figure out how the speed will hold up.  Competing in my first half marathon in years next month will give me a better idea of a realistic target.

I am going to change my running radically, but in increments to try to avoid the dreaded injuries – my Achilles’ heel is my right Achilles’ tendon.   I am dropping most of my 10k road races in order that I can use the weekend time for my long runs.  The long runs on the Sunday are increasing steadily until the half marathon and then continuing towards the marathon over the winter.

There is one guarantee – it will be a PB!  I can take some comfort from that.

The countdown is on, quite literally if you look to the right hand side of the blog.


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  1. Ike says:

    Really enjoy the new layout. I really liked this content. Credit for the helpful blog.

  2. Alf says:

    Cheers Ike. I am new to blogging and WordPress. It took a couple of iterations to get a reasonable format. Glad you find it helpful.

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